Business Zone Komenda Utility Infrastructure
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Business Zone Komenda Utility Infrastructure
Business Zone Komenda Utility Infrastructure

Customer: PC Komenda d.o.o.
Location: Komenda, Slovenia
Project: 2007-2010, project for obtaining building permit, project for execution works, project of implemented works
Completion date: 2011

Business zone Komenda has a clearly defined development strategy, which is crucial for the future of the region, the local environment and its hinterland. Investor PC Komenda wanted expansion of existing business zone (18 ha) for an additional 75 ha. With that Komenda has become one of the largest business zones in Slovenia. In the context of making has been prepared plans of the entire utility infrastructure. The area is divided into several functional units, defined by a system of internal roads. All municipal infrastructure is planned along the road network.
1.300 m roads with 26 m cross sections
5.000 m roads with 15 m cross sections
7.300 m of natural gas pipelines
7.300 m of water pipelines
6.150 m of storm sewers
6.505 m of sanitary sewage system
3 pumping stations for sanitary sewage system
11.062 m of underground electrical cables
15 transformers

Pos cona Komenda 4.jpg