Civilum is an idea that brought together creative architects and civil engineers with a strong professional background in their fields. Together we combine new architectural concepts, engineering details, and infrastructural project into one unique solution for domestic and foreign clients and investors. Each new task for us is a challenge to find simple and innovative solutions to the complexity of our society.

We offer assistance in real estate investments, exploring in detail construction possibilities like building renovations, legalization, and change in building use. Our clients are provided with expert and technical support to all legally required phases of the project documentation in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We can perform spatial, traffic, environmental, and flood studies.

We cooperate professionally with Slovenian ministries, institutes, municipalities, administrative units and representatives of foreign investment organizations from Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland ...

Our clients are also satisfied with the interior design, workshop plans for all the elements and custom-made furniture. We can also perform industrial design of urban equipment.

By means of parametric designing, we optimize the production of complex surfaces, shapes, and volumes.

There are clients, investors, and companies who have been engaged in construction investments for many years now and are so familiar with our operating system. We strongly recommend to every investor the precise planning of the investment and the most detailed plans and inventories for a smooth, successful and above all financially explicit implementation of the project.

Honest construction workers, contractors, carpenters, glass workers, painters, constructional and real estate law specialists, external engineers - experts in the narrower areas are all part of our team.